Monthly Archives: May 2012

Dakar Yellow E36 M3 Coupe

Acquired a 95 E36 M3 about 2 weeks ago and while looking for ideas I came across this cool video of this nice Dakar Yellow M3. Love the BBS RS’s on this beast!



Subaru X Puma : Global Rallycross Championship

Subaru and Puma have teamed up for the Global Rallycross Championship. With X-Games legend Dave Mirra racing for the team they just released a promo video celebrating their collaboration to get everyone in the mood.


OG TE27 Corolla

Speedhunters just posted a spotlight on this tastefully done 1972 Corolla. You don’t see too many of these around let alone a nicely built one. About 200WHP from a 1600CC N/A motor?


FF Squad Episode 2: Back on Track

Some of you may have heard of them, some of you may have not. Some of you probably idolized this crew from the West Coast while back in the day when you were building your first hatch. The FF Squad – Front Engine, Front Wheel Drive, they roll in properly built Hondas, built and tuned with legit and rare parts for the street and track, they are a bunch of down to earth friends with a passion for building and road course racing. They were well-known in the late 90’s and early 2000’s with a lot of famous builds coming from their crew.

Here is a recent video showing what they do every now and then with some interviews and insights. I am sure a lot of us can relate to. Found this on The Chrononicles’ Facebook page


Grim Reaper 911

A friend took the time to save this picture and email it to me earlier this morning. He didn’t come across it on a social media channel and simply tagged me in it nor did he link it to any of my pages/accounts. I just had to take the time to share this. If anyone has any information about this car or even more pictures please let me know!

Stance:Nation Dodge Charger SRT8 For Sale

I have always loved how this Charger looked, the subtle mods done to it. One of the top 3 daily drivers in my book that’s for sure. Sounds like this one is for sale by its owner Elvis who started up the Stance:Nation website.

This is a spotlight from earlier this year on its latest transformation.