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Mooneyes Japan

Speedhunters shared an insight on the Mooneyes brand in Japan and their “Area 1” store earlier today. Mooneyes is everything hot rod and old school American classic/muscle. And I think they do it very well too, especially since they are from Japan. A great read, to say the least.


Storify / Twitter / RWB

I posted short article based on an observation on RAUH-Welt Begriff on Twitter. Put in the keywords and see what came up. Everything tagged with the name was positive, I didn’t see why not. Link to the story below, check it out if you get bored.

[View the story “RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) – The Japanese Porsche Builder” on Storify]

Infest X Glendale Infiniti & Nissan Meet

Another blog post from covering a Nissan and Infiniti Meet from the West Coast. Definitely a great place to see properly built imports, where everyone is chill and there isn’t too much Import vs Domestic debates and hatin’.

Unlike the Midwest…

Racing in The Rain

MotoIQ posted this very handy guide on how to improve your lap times under wet conditions. A great read for sure especially for beginner track day-goers.

Import Alliance Spring 2012 Meet

The show season is back and The Chronicles ( posted some photos and coverage on the meet held recently. A lot of good looking cars and fresh builds coming out of the winter works.

Top Secret R34 – Alive and Well

It has been awhile since I’ve seen a Top Secret-built R34. As we know, Top Secret Japan has been a big name in the GTR tuning community for a very long time, 7Tune posted a recent picture of one of Top Secret’s Fusion RR’s seen at a track day in Japan on their Facebook page. Good to know it’s still being used and abused.

Audi Sport WRT in Blancpain – Monza

Speedhunters posted this interesting “behind the scenes” video of their sponsored Audi Sport WRT GT1 cars competing in the Blancpain series at Monza. Despite difficulties faced by the team in the earlier qualifying rounds and having one of their cars start in the back of the pack they managed a very respectable 2nd and 6th place finishes.

Datsun Z’s

Farm of Minds had this picture of 3 Datsun Z’s in different trims on their Facebook page. They look like they are also different models (240Z, 260Z and 280Z).

E30 M3 from Pennsylvania

We don’t see too much E30 M3 love on the internet and lately I have been on an E30 fixation having recently purchased one. Stance Works covered this prime example of what I think a proper road-going M3 should look like.

Seasoned Hudson Sedan

I always appreciate an older car as they are more curvy and posses distinct lines and exterior features. This “rusted out” Hudson on Speedhunters is beauty to me as I dig the seasoned and weathered look matched with the pins-stripping.