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You know, just some random E30 M3 for you today

Just got some news from a good buddy of mine, he picked up an E30 M3 today from Utah and will be having it delivered to him here in Wichita in a week or so. The “original” E30 M3 has always been regarded as one of the best driver’s car out there. As the BMW 3 series generation goes on the cars have become bigger, heavier and more powerful. Compare a current generation M3 to a late 80’s M3 and there is just so much difference in driving characteristics. Anyways, here is a random photo of a very clean E30 M3 courtesy of Mafiarides on Facebook.


GTRs Gone Wild

A couple of weeks back some of my buddies from Malaysia took a 7 hour road trip with their friends to neighboring country Singapore. They cruised to Singapore along with 40-50 other Nissan R35 GTR’s and caused havoc on the streets of Singapore the next day. This video was actually taken in my friend’s car and for reasons he’ll remain anonymous haha. How would you react if you saw a group of Japanese monsters cruising the streets looking for/causing trouble?

Bensopra GTR

Some random function and form for you today. A Japanese company by the name of BenSopra came up with this one of a kind aero which debuted last month at the Tokyo Auto Salon. They had three cars in the same outfits at the show:

The aerodynamic feedback of exterior is on point, as these cars are track cars pushing numbers in the 1000hp range. A great mixture of function and form in my opinion.

Fairlady, before there was the Z

Ever since owning a Nissan 350Z (Nissan Fairlady Z in Japan) I have been deeply interested in the Datsun/Nissan Fairlady lineup. I remember seeing a Datsun Fairlady 2000 Roadster in the flesh not too long ago here in Wichita; ideally I’d like to own a Datsun 240Z someday, there’s just something about a carburated inline 6.

“The name “Fair Lady” was given to the new sports car line by Mr. Katsuji Kawamata, President Of Nissan Motors Japan, after he attended the Broadway Musical “My Fair Lady” while visiting the US in 1958. He felt that the name would invoke an image of beauty for the car – because people would think of the beauty of the music and the leading lady in that Broadway Musical.”

Speedhunters posted this spotlight earlier today of this 2000 Roadster:

“Without the success of the Fairlady Roadster, it’s likely that many of our favorite Japanese sports cars would not exist. It’s a car that deserves lots of appreciation, and when you see one done like this it makes it that much easier.”

Unlike the Datsun 240/260/280Z’s you don’t see these roadsters around too often, seeing one in person was a special treat and so is this article.

Rauh Welt (Rough World)

Ever since I saw this picture back in 2008 I have always admired Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB) . Based in Japan, they build the most sinister looking Porsches in my opinion. The mastermind behind Rauh Welt is Nakai and in the past year or so he has been to the United States, Europe, Thailand, and now Dubai to build some cars for customers. A couple nights ago I watched a new video clip they had just released of this red 993 911. Simply stunning, as always.

RAUH WELT Begriff // Night Session from eGarage on Vimeo.

And this was the shot which started the craze for me:

Ferrari to launch new v12 monster at the end of the month

Ferrari released a commercial yesterday announcing the launch of a new V12 monster at the end of this month. Their latest V12 powered car was the Ferrari FF which hasn’t been too popular as it is a 3 door hatch/wagon, comes with a weird all wheel drive system and for the purpose and price, the rich and famous are either getting 4×4’s or a traditional Ferrari rear wheel drive supercar.

This is to replace the current 599 Ferrari.

Lowering your car, the wrong way.

Suspension upgrades usually enhance the handling of your car. Aftermarket spring, shock and coilover suspension setups are readily available for your specific application. Today we see some jokers going overboard with their suspension setup, and not in a good way. You see, these people aren’t in search of a better handling car, but a car which has as little vehicle-to-ground clearance as possible. I thought I have seen it all, until I saw the way these shocks were installed.

Check out the full article on Jalopnik!

Sad news for racing fans

Earlier this week, Irwindale Speedway in California which has hosted various events in the past including NASCAR, Formula D, D1 Grand Prix as well as drag events cancelled all events held at the track for 2012. ESPN recently released reports that the group which operated the track filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A sad day for the motorsports industry and its diversed fanbase (oval-track racing, drag racing, drifting, autocross).

Here are some videos from Irwindale before they shut down, hopefully someone picks things up and reopens it!


The original intent of putting headlights and taillights on automobiles was so that other motorists could see you at night, knew when you were about to stop. In recent times car manufacturers have turned your headlamps into works of art, combining form and function. Take for instance the “Angel Eyes” or halos you see on BMW’s or the LED strips which started to appear on Audi headlamps not too long ago (those have evolved to something more sophisticated and pretty in my opinion) as shown here:

Today we see more car companies incorporating nicely designed daytime running lights (DRL’s) on their vehicles, I like what I am seeing on the new Chrysler 300’s too.

The EDM (European Domestic Model) Chevy Camaros sold across the “pond” have been fitted with LED taillights, although some owners Stateside may complain that we got the short end of the stick I think the domestic ones do look better, the LED’s do look a little tacky on this, or maybe it’s the yellow?

So you autocross?

These meme’s have been popping up all week, categories ranging from Engineers and South Africa to Disney cast members to what you see here: Autocrossing. Autocrossing is a grassroots motorsport and usually takes place on an airfield or big (empty) parking lot, the little obstacle course is laid out with cones. I think it is a good starting point for those who may be interested in road course racing. I have done a couple in the past but since moving to a road course setting I haven’t gone back to autocrossing, or what I call, “parking lot racing.”Image